Sandy Bailey is a Western Massachusetts singer-songwriter who is beautifully capturing the spirit of Folk and Americana by blending the stirring vocal delivery of Allison Russell with the country/gospel infused styling of Norah Jones. Born into a musical, biracial family and raised in a gospel church, Bailey draws on early childhood influences to translate her expressive vocals into her own characteristic brand of gospel tinged folk. The artist’s piano driven melodies are catalyzed by a distinct touch of indie flare and embossed with hints of nostalgia, beckoning a time when the lines between jazz blues, country and gospel music were blurred. The Daily Hampshire Gazette praises Bailey as “a fully integrated talent, including a strong, emotive voice, a poetic lyric-writing ability, a moody sense of melody and a natural grace at the keyboard.”

After the release of her debut album “Raven’s Flesh” in 2010, Bailey put her pursuit of a music career on hold to raise her two children as a single mother. Yet she continued to stay musically active as she honed her writing style and captivated audiences around New England. She released “Live in the Studio EP” on Bandcamp in 2018 as the founding member and lead singer/songwriter of her soulful rock group Sister Jawbone. Her songs have received radio play on WRSI and WMUA out of Northampton, MA and she was performing sold out shows near her hometown by the end of 2019. Then in the solitude that came with the pandemic in 2020, Bailey refocused on her solo work and began writing and producing recordings from home. 

Currently putting together an album which will feature many of her musician friends including Ryan Hommel, Don McAulay, Marc Seedorf, Monte Arnstam, and Nate Thorn, Sandy Bailey is paving new routes within her musical voyage. After studying songwriting in Nashville with famed songwriters Mary Gauthier and Gretchen Peters, the artist is skillfully defining her voice, embracing her array of life experiences to explore themes of loneliness, survival, love and loss through the lens of the working class woman. Her self-produced project titled “Daughter of Abraham” is slated for release in 2023.